I remember the days when self-expression used to be challenging...

But then again, I have been brought up in a world where internet has always been a close friend. But this kind of nostalgia and reminiscing does lend a certain vintage feel to the piece, doesn’t it?

SlideShare, it probably seems like an obvious thing of existence today – what’s so special about it? Probably nothing. After all, it’s just a website that shares presentations – child’s play.

But the truth is actually far from it. In fact, the simple notion that people think it’s so obvious and simple makes its presence even more appealing. Drawing on a similar analogy, did you ever take a pause to contemplate what is so special about the telephone? Probably nothing, it’s always been there.

Except that there is something special about the telephone - it changed the world.

SlideShare aims to share a similar rationale; but apart from that, it’s a completely different being on its own. Let’s face it – being online today more or less refers to browsing only a particular set of websites over and over again. You know the ones that rhyme with "Blue Cube", "Space Hook", "Sticky Media" and “Quitter”. Now imagine, if you will, that you have a tool at your disposal that could actually educate you alongside providing such online entertainment. What you have in your mind now is about 1% of what SlideShare actually does - it’s much more than mere education along with entertainment.

Co-founded in 2006 by Rashmi Sinha, Jonathan Boutelle and Amit Ranjan, SlideShare is the world’s largest online community for sharing presentations. The idea came into existence when the trio realised that there was no decent way to share conference presentations online. So, it should not come across as a big surprise that it’s got fantastic numbers: over 50 million monthly visitors, over 130 million page views and a constant rank in the top 200 websites in the world.

At the heart of SlideShare is a vibrant professional and educational community whose presence on the website is always prominent in the form of comments, favourites and downloads. And its existence on the biggest network on earth – the internet ensures that its content spreads virally through organisations such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. With the help of SlideShare, people and organisations can upload documents, PDFs, videos, webinars, share ideas, conduct research, which helps them to connect with others, generate leads for their businesses and the list can go on and on. Its usage by the big guns like The Whitehouse, NASA, The United Nations, Hewlett Packard, IBM, The US Army and The US Navy gives us an insight on its efficiency and usefulness. Moreover, it provides us with the advantage of connecting with an enormous and instant audience. With SlideShare, everyone can become a master of showmanship and presentation.

SlideShare is known to recruit promising individuals for its offices, both in New Delhi and San Francisco. However, given that its current workforce itself is about 55 employees in total, sudden expansion of the company seems unlikely. Even after its acquisition by LinkedIn, future plans of the company are not especially known. But the future of SlideShare is, for lack of a better word, very bright. Thanks to services such as SlideShare, we all have a shot at being a celebrity of sorts. Commerce has become an art. Work is a stage.

Clearly, I need to raise my game and get back to work on my slides...

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