Ever pondered- If time froze, all still, a moment where nothing moves not even a detached browning leaf, the pause will be unbearable? 

When most of us believe in fast moving life, time freeze, pause and related terms become rather sleazy to perceive.
But time did freeze, not for a moment but all for 6 minutes to the clock's tick.
2013 January the 11th; would rather be marked a big day in Indian history.
The Capital a.k.a Delhi witnessed the biggest 'Freeze Mob' against Acid Attacks on women,
more than 70 students from University of Delhi and different other colleges Froze,
wearing a Yellow Ribbon on their left arm and Black Shades, stuck to their place & position, all for 6 'countless' minutes.

The event took place at Connaught Place, near Palika Bazar.
As the clock ticked 4, the sound of whistles were loud and clear till Block A, just about the same time people froze to their spot.
The event was organised by the former DU students Sakshi Kumar and Tamanna Sharma,
and current students Pallavi Dhameja, Aarushi chauhan, Reena Rai & Sakshi Chopra under guidance of
Mr. Abhay Chawla, a respected & loved Professor and amazing mentor rather.

As we gathered around the place working with the placards and posters, ribbons and slogans, a mass of people got really interested, if it was yet another protest for Nirbhaya.
But sadly all I heard in their question was mockery, what I saw in their eyes was weird glint of sarcasm. People did fail to understand the seriousness of the act, I wouldn't dare to deny many among us willingly, understanding the importance of the 'Freeze' joined hand with us.
The 'freeze' was one of a kind way to seek attention of the lousy government to the barbaric act of acid attacks on women, which certainly has not ceased with time.
People walked by staring at us with amazement, amusement, mockery, pride and certain mixed bag of emotions.
There were many who really appreciated the idea and many who found it another addition to their waste of time list.
Astound I stood, froze as I was, people pushed me as they hurriedly walked to their destination,
people saw reason and with all dignity and respect appreciated and moved away.
I might not say it was the time-changer movement but yes strong enough to start with changing mind-set.

What if a woman is attacked by acid and lost her beauty on face value? But how does one define beauty? Being beautiful comes with beautiful thoughts, imagination and behavior  It is matter of time that the prettiness of ones face fades. But pretty words, thoughts and action remain. Is that so hard for a human with average brains to understand, is it?
It is so easy to plaster your eyes or your words to someone who suffered, be in their shoes once people and then talk!

We weren't standing there freezed for nothing with yellow ribbon on our left arm or the shades that adorned our eyes. We had a valid reason of Government not waking up and implementing sensible line of rules and regulations and justice for that matter.
The yellow ribbon depicted the heat, the burn, the pain a woman goes through while humiliated with such boorish act, the black shades described the blindness.

Archana Kumari, 23; the acid attack victim was there to support us and our cause.
The girl might have been in pain of it all but never did she seem to have lost hope.
I in person was not supporting it all to sympathize but to stand strong beside women alike me who have dreams and aspirations from life. 
The motto behind it all was loud and clear- Acid Attack is no less than Rape.
People involved in such heinous act, do it for once and for all, never once giving it two cents as to what her life might become, the moment the blasphemy her life is hit with, it might just take seconds rather, but the pause, the freeze she goes through cannot be phrased in words.
Every women is beautiful in herself, that was so evident when I met with Archana. Her face might be  grotesque but her confidence spoke with volume so high, I couldn't help but feel the joy of being a women. With womanhood comes the strength, I felt it with all my heart.

Such barbaric actions so as men involve themselves in, I find it a deep mental disease they suffer from. The pseudo believes that are happily fed to their antagonistic ego since their childhood deeply defines their doings. What world do we line in? What times are we surviving?
Is it the same place of which Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel or Lal Bahadur Shastri would have proudly bragged about? Is it the same place Bhagat Singh would have had joyfully lost his life for?
Confused, one must be as to why in name of God am I jotting about these Martyrs?
Isn't it crystal clear, if India was such as it is now, they would have died thousand deaths and still won't relent.

To top it up, the so called leaders, the worshiped gurus have audacity to fill in more filth with their thought process than we're already suffering.
I believe why to just blame them, we the people are no less sarcastic jokers than them.
While I stood frozen to my spot, I clearly heard a group of women giggling and mocking. I pity them, and their carefree approach. It was a girl like you who suffered acid attack, at the age of 19 just because she happened to say NO to a man.
Do you even realize what that means? It was her that day, you were giggling freely for you happen to be protected by your luck, for to say the city I completely will be wrong, was it not just a month back, that an innocent girl was brutally ravished of her sanctity? The infamous Delhi Gang Rape!
We weren't performing a high class drama or stand-up comedy people. It was a serious social issue that needed to get some real spot-light.
Why? is all what I have in my mind, why is it the moment we actually start banking on the people who claim to protect us are the ones to kill our faith?
Why, I dare to ask, that no justice prevails for crime against women, be it any?
Why is a man lose free of his shameful doings? Why is it always a woman who is at fault?
Why? Why? Why?
there is certainly no end to my Why? and their is no end to the silent mode that they happen to take every time.
Whether women or men, who have rather high notions about their thoughts of gender equality,
let me have my say about it. Gender equality is not telling a girl or a women that she is not allowed to do certain somethings just for she happens to be a girl.
It is not in her household domestication, or to tell her she needs to learn certain things for she will be a fine woman one day and will have to get married.
It is not in staring at her cleavage shamelessly, or rubbing your manly-mess against her back in a public transport, it is not in telling her what to do and what not to do when travelling alone, because she might get hit with a drunk or senseless roue human who will deprive her of her sanity.
It is not in getting her married at the age of 18 for she will be SAFE, for she is legally raped most of the times. It is not in killing her before she even open her eyes to this world.
Amazed I am of the confidence such people portray in being too straight with such sick mindset.
Just because I happen to be a woman not by choice but by a very beautiful destiny,
I refuse to accept your dying mentality. 
I refuse to be dominated or domesticated.
I refuse to accept anything which degrades, disrespects or dehumanizes my femininity.
I happen to live and born flesh of human and accept nothing below the rights that I am destined to enjoy as human. The liberty that tags along with my birth to live with my responsibilities and duties towards the state and demanding same in return.
And if men or women for that matter have really really forgotten, then let me remind you, it is also and more because of a women that you exist and have that big enough mouth to insult her womanhood.

As we women suffer, women are more to be blamed, as to why on first place treat being like your own as some filth?
Why prefer son over daughter to degrees that you kill her before she is born?
Why burn alive your daughter-in-law for material wealth?
Why praise your son, friend, brother of their shameful acts?

Wake up, wake up because your medicine will certainly give the most bitter taste, that you happen to lodge onto others alike you.

I'd validict on a heavy note-
Alas! we're yet chained in pseudo social mechanism, the autocracy of Patriarchy and male dominated society. It is high time that we keep ourselves bounded by such senseless believes and practices.
We are woman and we can't be some for granted conclusion for the sole reason of our biological structure. We are human not just Second Sex.
I would like to quote Anthony Susan B. in my words-
Let men enjoy their right and no more. Let women rightly have their rights and no less, with dignity and respect!
Srishti Verma
1/14/2013 14:17:37

Really touched but more importantly I am worried about those insane minds who suppose women are supposed to be suppressed by society .Women are forcibly trampled by the emotional and physical force of 'POOR MENTALLY SICK PEOPLE'...better look after yourself because no such evils are going to save you.. and have the courage to trample their faces down in shit..

1/14/2013 19:22:15

I'm glad that it could reach you in the right ways.
People are really really 'SICK' for that matter, no denying!


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