The shimmer of her limpid eyes,
Speaking a thousand words.
Her tender weeny fingers, boneless, perfectly formed,
Longing to hold a steady hand.
Her angelic appearance, so divine!

“Ah, a girl so adorable!” exclaimed the world,
“She’s too beautiful to live!”
Behold her, even stones would cry,
Angels will fall.

Look at those lovely lips,
Set into a perfect smile.
She wears the biggest smile,
A smile, so unmarred & innocent
To bring life to a corpse.
It’d transform the ugliest frown into a splendid blithe mirth.

Her warm body, white & soft,
Of a lovely texture, smooth & tender.
Her head lolling on the thin neck,
With her eyes amazed to see the new world around her.

These dazzling eyes, looking for someone her own.
Her bare head yearning the blessed touch of a father.
Her tiny hands fluttering in air with a craving to hold her tight,
Close, secure & sheltered to her mother’s breast.

But here she lies, abandoned, derelict,
Deserted in the foul smelling rubbish, unwanted,
Among the poisonous weeds,
In the heaps of city garbage,
Which she’s considered to be a part of.
Her only crime, she’s a girl.

Those gleaming eyes now turn moist with pearl like tears.
Her musical chuckling, a feast to soul,
Changing into an agonized outburst of fear & seclusion.
The malefactor world has turned deaf ears towards this angel of a lesser god.

She cannot address,
Only these tears & cries lamenting her misfortune & helplessness,
Her vulnerability.
Her only sin, she’s a girl.

Her moaning & bewailing grow louder & thunderous,
More painful, deafening,
Her brawls asking multitude questions
“What is my fault, how could you, Maa?”
But nobody listens,
Perhaps they don’t want to.

To them her weeping is trivial, they don’t hear it.
Why, ‘cause she is not a boy!
The world had said, “she’s too beautiful to live!”
Indeed, how true the world was,
Indeed, how true the world is!

Suhani Arora
Picture(s) : Google Images
Arpit Sarkar
3/10/2013 16:35:22

Oh this is absolutely beautiful...and especially the rugged, abrupt transformation brings about a sense of intense horror and helplessness...I wish you all the best.. :)
Here's wishing all baby girls a wonderful future....

Rekha navneet
3/14/2013 02:35:25

Very poignantly put..


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