A flow as it all starts winding ways, the trails.
I haven't been walking alone,  the memories walk beside.
Somewhere it would come to an end, the pain- Empty Hollow of my deeds in
the past.
Naive I have been yes, not yet wrong
Standing there looking for an answer won't get me through no.
Waiting there, infinity it becomes- I'm numb not feeling.
Perfection I won't demandjust some sanity.
It never stops, the ache goeson like thousand shards of glass piercing my heart.

There I lay healing to something to something disgusting. Aura impured- The
Vendetta it is doing the right.
What it is converting to a blasphemy- doubt, hate & desparity.
Nothing just the last time, the last fight of hollow words, hurting it would be.
I won'tstand before anyone begging to be fair, it'd come to me gradually.

Not tired, not defeated, not shattered strong enough I will be.
Night falls, grey spreading it's wings. It's a downpour of moment.
High the time goes, just me no calls, no nothing at all.
Gone lost- Falling deep, no more before your eyes.
I'd vanish like a poof- No more burden for you to carry Father.
No more would you say "Ah! It's a Daughter."

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