Feminism more than a movement is seen as a derogatory term. People often confuse being feminist with being anti male or being sexist or radicals rather. Feminism is certainly not about being anti men, though.
Its not about men anyway. It's about the society being so shallow, diluting the social construct of gender.

Feminists talk about obliterating all those ideas dividing humans into male and female, deciding their space- inner or outer. Feminism asks for claims rather, on the rights that the so called weaker section has been denied due to the male dominant ideas of the society. We dont take pleasure in insulting men but certainly demand for preacing and pardoning two cents to those so called "significant ones" induldging in discriminatory practices. Do not wrong our demands for equality with hate speech or behaviour towards men per say. Feminists are not asking men to happily give way to a girl is walking down the road but certainly want men to own a view full of equality and without any sexist remark.

We are not asking for gestures so love filled as on face value of pulling a chair or opening the door but for sure a gesture where men values females for what they are capable of. We want to end the practice of men playing God and a perfectionist. Women are not weak but demands special treatment for the fact of who they are genetically. The whole idea of feminism is to end the sexes double standard, internalisation of male dominant ideas and sexist attitude. To bring two uneven plains together there need be an upliftment. Similarly to start a life embarked with equality, the starting place must be the same and that is what contemporary Feminists aim at.                                                           

For all the women out there who think its bad to be called a feminist since it tags you being anti-men or sexist, it shuld be concluded thus, the way of percieving this idea is false. A lot of Feminists vs Chauvanist discussions proceeds today and have had for centuries down the line with no friutful result-validicting line, there isnt any conflict between the sexes, just the mindset. People should stop mixing it  as a clan fighting against the other, its for the greater good to all. If we live in a society that functions on the basis of equality, better it would be to live.

Morever talking about equalitarians- we are people who want to bring every section of society to the same high and delete the distinctions among them, making them nothing but humans juged on who they are. Feminists identify themselves as equalitarins since we claim on something which is rightfully our's and not men. It is to end the powerplay which has continued for so long and still persists, there is urgent need to see everyone under the samw light of equality and not with the prejudices embibed to the sexes.

We do talk about overthrowing the male dominance and identify ourselves as an equal in the society to efface the deep rooted internalistaion that occupies most of the conventional female minds. We seek women to gain the agency, to end the power games in a family, to enjoy every right they deserve.

No feminist wishes to dehumanize men by any degree of action. We're just Pro-Women.

Bhargavi sahay
1/1/2013 15:57:42

Here you go grl...an awesum 1... Loved it Rad... Superb...

1/1/2013 17:32:45

Hey Bhargavi,Thank you so much for the appreciation. But it is to our Columnist Aditi Mishra, there was some miss communication. I just have my bits of editing. The credit goes to her for the tremendous imagination :)

1/1/2013 18:53:18

d content is beautifully written n very apt...gr8 work..

ankita mishra
1/2/2013 04:15:31

too good... proud of u n ur writing... keep it up...

1/2/2013 09:57:25

thank u di :)

1/5/2013 16:23:03

gone through d column twice, really nice---> awesome...!
i think d author has done a good research be4 molding her thoughts
into words.
at present juncture, d condition are at d trough in terms of women rights, d society needs a reform.. dere is a strict demand for feminism.. as any society cant flourish until equal rights r given to both.. in ours, d fulcrum is more inclined towards male side...

1/18/2013 11:34:18

thank u :)

1/25/2013 14:36:00

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