Home alone, dark room, cozy sofa, an amazing *watch alone* movie.
I feel the urge, I resist it. I try fighting it back but alas! I get defeated. Hence I DO it.
The pleasure is unbeatable. The feeling is satisfactory, it is a different world altogether. Amidst the busy and stressful routine, I prefer visiting this world once in a while to keep my soul in place.
What??  Did you just say ‘guilt’?
What for?
It gives me pleasure and as far I know it doesn't interfere with someone else’s happiness. I rest my case here. Oh by the way the word is ‘Masturbation’.

India today is very different from how it used to be in its initial days of conception.
We as a nation have traveled a long distance to reach here, not only are we developing but also we have begun to outgrow the shells that our ancestors had built around us, shells of rigid norms and old fashioned ways. But as a fact words like porn, masturbation and sex still remain a major part of the hush hush dictionary.

Say ‘porn’ and you’d see a crowd of people going “OMG” and “oh, that’s disgusting” and moving away from you, but the truth is, porn is a global industry and the reason its global is because people demand and watch it. Basic economics.

Porn is basically movies showing people having sex. I say people because it can consist of threesomes, foursomes, group sex and orgies. People actually make a living out of such things and are highly respected – at least in the West.

You might think, why porn? Two main reasons which have come up from both sexes:
One reason is for masturbating. Purely selfish reason but hey, it’s better than raping someone.
In fact it is very natural; research tells that children at a young age begin to feel pleasure in rubbing their genitals. As they grow they completely understand the concept and do it when they feel aroused. This activity has no effect on one’s fertility, a fact medically proven. Psychologists also believe there is nothing wrong in masturbation till it is done privately and for personal pleasure. The second reason is a more romantic one. Watching porn helps a person understand how to please his/her partner.

In the Western Hemisphere, porn stars are seen with great respect.
There, being a porn star is not shameful because it is accepted in their cultural paradigm. Watching porn is like a rite of passage. But not a necessary one.
The flexibility of the Western hemisphere.  While In the East, porn is locally made but it is a dark and undercover industry. Secretly everyone knows people watch it and it’s not just males.
A recent survey actually showed that females watch porn more than males. But here, being open about it makes people think you are a person with a loose character and a bad family background.

Watching it is not a crime. Because honestly, everyone has needs.
In a society, like ours, where pre-marital sex is frowned upon, porn is a great way to release sexual desires (through masturbation of course).
I still wonder 'How being sexually involved with someone rates your character?'
Today when rape and sexual molestation cases are on an all time high, safety hazard for women, porn and masturbation are helpful ways of decreasing the lust of perverts.
Especially the 35 year old men who rape 4 year old nursery girls!

The biggest weakness of our society is our stiffness and narrow-mindedness. Open your mind and see the difference.
Accepting porn and masturbation as a normal thing in our lives could possibly be the first step!

I would validict on a happy note,

3/8/2013 14:27:23

It might take days it might take years, but lets accept some part of our generation does accept it and is not afraid so to say 'the' word.

3/8/2013 17:19:06

Indeed. But then we have to deal with 'the' concept in a way that the others start accepting it too. To begin with, lets write 'porn' instead of using 'the' and 'it'. :D

3/8/2013 16:38:32

Amazingly , openly and boldly framed ! Great work Kanchan !

3/8/2013 17:14:56

Thank you Geetika. :)


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