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Let’s say there are thieves on the roads, ready to rob and steal, what do you do?
Hide and not come out until there’s no thief around?  
Nodding in agreement, well some may be, but then for majority of us, it’s a NO. Because honestly there isn't one of them or two for that matter, there are many, many to rob you off your clothes and steal away your innocence.  
I say just clothes for I firmly believe that getting eve teased or sexually harassed has nothing to do with the demean of a woman’s respect and dignity. Anyway, not deviating more, that’s how I see the exclusion of women from public spaces in our country.

India is one great nation where in the leaders ask the female population to stay inside their houses, wardens command female hostelers not to step out once the sun sets, parents instruct their daughters to return back in due time and they do all of that not because they want to control a female’s life, taking away one’s right is never their intention, all they want is to keep the fragile gender safe (note the sarcasm).
The funniest thing, our society has this weird and highly inappropriate way of classifying people. The common notion is, there are two types of women- respectable and the 'Sluts'.
It is believed that the respectable women stand the risk of potential defilement in public place while so called characterless women are themselves a potential source of contamination to the purity of public places.
Excuse me?
I beg to disagree, not even in the smallest way do I think that we can decide whether a woman deserves respect or not on the basis of her profession.

A doctor deserves respect and a bar dancer does not, Why? Both of them are living for themselves and have made the best of the resources available to them.
I have never seen anyone aspiring to become a bar dancer.
Have you?  

Also I condemn the idea of generalizing the men of a certain class and occupation as the potential threat. Not necessarily every one who is unemployed, shabby looking and poor has evil intentions just like not every rich brat flaunting a foreign degree can be called decent.  The idea of generalizing thus is highly hypocrite.

 Heard of ‘Men will be men’? Another extremely annoying ideology that pertains in our society, any indecent behavior, gesture and comment by a man is not only accepted but also expected. That is how they are, they say. Be careful and alert, they say. Why? May I know, what have these people from the stronger gender (as is believed) done to enjoy such a privilege?  

The idea of rape being worse than death needs a recheck because it is NOT. You have a life, a life which is pretty much the same, a life which you can use to live every  dream that you once dreamt of, what happened was just a bad incident what you still have is a very precious possession ‘life’, make the best of it.

As females we understand that not everyone can be safe all the time, that there is risk that we have to be cautious about. We fight for our right to engage in risks without being questioned. We want you not to treat the female child like some fragile piece of antique which should be taken care of and shielded all the time, which loses its inclusiveness if it survives a crack as and when it crashes against the ground. We are individuals, we are powerful and we demand respect in terms of equal treatment and not special care.

- Kanchan Bisht
   UE columnist

The shimmer of her limpid eyes,
Speaking a thousand words.
Her tender weeny fingers, boneless, perfectly formed,
Longing to hold a steady hand.
Her angelic appearance, so divine!

“Ah, a girl so adorable!” exclaimed the world,
“She’s too beautiful to live!”
Behold her, even stones would cry,
Angels will fall.

Look at those lovely lips,
Set into a perfect smile.
She wears the biggest smile,
A smile, so unmarred & innocent
To bring life to a corpse.
It’d transform the ugliest frown into a splendid blithe mirth.

Her warm body, white & soft,
Of a lovely texture, smooth & tender.
Her head lolling on the thin neck,
With her eyes amazed to see the new world around her.

These dazzling eyes, looking for someone her own.
Her bare head yearning the blessed touch of a father.
Her tiny hands fluttering in air with a craving to hold her tight,
Close, secure & sheltered to her mother’s breast.

But here she lies, abandoned, derelict,
Deserted in the foul smelling rubbish, unwanted,
Among the poisonous weeds,
In the heaps of city garbage,
Which she’s considered to be a part of.
Her only crime, she’s a girl.

Those gleaming eyes now turn moist with pearl like tears.
Her musical chuckling, a feast to soul,
Changing into an agonized outburst of fear & seclusion.
The malefactor world has turned deaf ears towards this angel of a lesser god.

She cannot address,
Only these tears & cries lamenting her misfortune & helplessness,
Her vulnerability.
Her only sin, she’s a girl.

Her moaning & bewailing grow louder & thunderous,
More painful, deafening,
Her brawls asking multitude questions
“What is my fault, how could you, Maa?”
But nobody listens,
Perhaps they don’t want to.

To them her weeping is trivial, they don’t hear it.
Why, ‘cause she is not a boy!
The world had said, “she’s too beautiful to live!”
Indeed, how true the world was,
Indeed, how true the world is!

Suhani Arora
Picture(s) : Google Images
The catastrophic assault and rape of a 23 year old in Delhi that initiated a nationwide mass protest was an unfortunate and melancholy testimony on why we treat women so badly. Myriad causes and reasons comprising of poor administration, patriarchal worldview, inefficient and loose functioning of laws et cetera were discussed by the intelligentsia but one major reason was left out- The Film Industry.

It has fostered thoroughly retrograde male attitudes that are partly responsible. The representation and commodification of women in Bollywood’s item numbers, sex-laden dances, spiced-up, racy scenes has delved so profoundly in our psyche, thus, conditioning our minds in a similar fashion, that they have come up to be absolutely normal and acceptable for us. Rather, it sells in the market.

The film makers often invest rape and harassment scenes in the movies to give it an extra dosage of masala to titillate audiences. This came about as a regular feature in 1970s and 80s with the old-time popular villains like Ranjeet and some years later, Shakti Kapoor; with the audience almost cheering them on.

Yet we cannot categorize them as the main problem as the villains are not held up as role models. What is problematic is the way in which film heroes have stalked and pestered women, somehow managing to extract a ‘YES’ from them.Hit film songs that people go gaga over have worsened the situation. Amitabh Bacchan strode the Bollywood scene like a colossus with his biggest degradation in the movie ‘Hum’ where he demands a kiss from actress KimiKatkar.

If you harass a woman enough, no matter how much she says NO, she will ultimately agree. There have been innumerable instances in which romantic wooing has been replaced by a kind of harassment of the heroine.

One wonders, what message does it send out to the crazy fans of Bollywood who worship the heroes? And worse, what does it convey to the women of our country? Is it that they should submit to such atrocity and fall prey to man’s harassment camouflaged as romance?

Such notions and promotions need to be checked, though, moderating the works of the artists would appear as a suppression of their talent and a form of insult, but in a country like India where Bollywood serves as the biggest source of entertainment, which runs in the blood of people, one needs to ponder upon such aspects which have become normative over the years; or the audience should be mature enough to boycott and leave such ideas as the curtain falls and they step out of the theatre.

Maybe, Shakespeare’s quote “Sweet are the uses of adversity.” rephrased as “Great are the uses of harassment.”  fits well in the present scenario, though this is highly unfortunate.  

Suhani Arora

Home alone, dark room, cozy sofa, an amazing *watch alone* movie.
I feel the urge, I resist it. I try fighting it back but alas! I get defeated. Hence I DO it.
The pleasure is unbeatable. The feeling is satisfactory, it is a different world altogether. Amidst the busy and stressful routine, I prefer visiting this world once in a while to keep my soul in place.
What??  Did you just say ‘guilt’?
What for?
It gives me pleasure and as far I know it doesn't interfere with someone else’s happiness. I rest my case here. Oh by the way the word is ‘Masturbation’.

India today is very different from how it used to be in its initial days of conception.
We as a nation have traveled a long distance to reach here, not only are we developing but also we have begun to outgrow the shells that our ancestors had built around us, shells of rigid norms and old fashioned ways. But as a fact words like porn, masturbation and sex still remain a major part of the hush hush dictionary.

Say ‘porn’ and you’d see a crowd of people going “OMG” and “oh, that’s disgusting” and moving away from you, but the truth is, porn is a global industry and the reason its global is because people demand and watch it. Basic economics.

Porn is basically movies showing people having sex. I say people because it can consist of threesomes, foursomes, group sex and orgies. People actually make a living out of such things and are highly respected – at least in the West.

You might think, why porn? Two main reasons which have come up from both sexes:
One reason is for masturbating. Purely selfish reason but hey, it’s better than raping someone.
In fact it is very natural; research tells that children at a young age begin to feel pleasure in rubbing their genitals. As they grow they completely understand the concept and do it when they feel aroused. This activity has no effect on one’s fertility, a fact medically proven. Psychologists also believe there is nothing wrong in masturbation till it is done privately and for personal pleasure. The second reason is a more romantic one. Watching porn helps a person understand how to please his/her partner.

In the Western Hemisphere, porn stars are seen with great respect.
There, being a porn star is not shameful because it is accepted in their cultural paradigm. Watching porn is like a rite of passage. But not a necessary one.
The flexibility of the Western hemisphere.  While In the East, porn is locally made but it is a dark and undercover industry. Secretly everyone knows people watch it and it’s not just males.
A recent survey actually showed that females watch porn more than males. But here, being open about it makes people think you are a person with a loose character and a bad family background.

Watching it is not a crime. Because honestly, everyone has needs.
In a society, like ours, where pre-marital sex is frowned upon, porn is a great way to release sexual desires (through masturbation of course).
I still wonder 'How being sexually involved with someone rates your character?'
Today when rape and sexual molestation cases are on an all time high, safety hazard for women, porn and masturbation are helpful ways of decreasing the lust of perverts.
Especially the 35 year old men who rape 4 year old nursery girls!

The biggest weakness of our society is our stiffness and narrow-mindedness. Open your mind and see the difference.
Accepting porn and masturbation as a normal thing in our lives could possibly be the first step!

I would validict on a happy note,

Courtesy- deviant-art.com
Valentine's just passed. Celebrated, have you?
Chocolates and teddies. Exchanged, did you?
Movie night and hangout. done, isn’t?  
Difficult to believe, it’s the same ‘Capital’ which was boiling a month ago with rage, anger, shame & cry for justice. The youth brigade was planning to call off the Republic Day celebrations, such a tremendous outrageous show of emotions that the movement called immediate international response. Government was under pressure, laws and remedies were announced. All this for a girl who was named Nirbhaya, Amanat, Damini and what not! But the  sad part is, even the girl doesn’t matter now.  She is the face of the exploited, oppressed marginalized section of our society which has been victim of ‘Mental Degradation’ and declining ‘Social Standards’, so such a major upheaval sounded like a good start for change but as they say ‘Jo beet gai, wo baat gai.’
Social media is busy celebrating some absurd practice and tweeting about recent hot political topic. And in the meanwhile #5 rape cases and 75 case of molestation have been reported (keep guessing the number of cases that haven’t been reported)
Now all we are left with, is the ashes of a mass movement which could have been a turning point in  the history of India, but it died much before attaining the goal.
The question is, what was the goal ?
Most of the people protesting and demanding ‘Justice’ did not even know what ‘Justice’ was all about. Funny it is but ironically true.  

They were before and even now are negligently aware of the fact that they’re the ‘Change’, it is in their power to be the reformers than begging for it.

I dare ask today, “How many of us are even aware about the ‘Articles’ that relates to our daily living”? Or our ‘Constitution’ for that matter? We have laws enough to deal with such issues, just that they are decaying and demands serious revamping.
Moreover, castrating someone can never be the remedy, castrating the objectifying mentality which provides every so called stronger class the power to exploit the marginalised one can be the basic to start with.

‘Moral Virtue’, ‘Ethical Approach’, ‘Sensibility’ ranks much before the ‘Legal System’.
Ever counted how many times in a day do you use swear-words on your ‘Mother’ or ‘Sister’? Proud, are you?
All these leads to even more sensitivity towards gender biased society. Need of the hour is to reconstruct our beliefs and obliterate all that make-belief ‘Superior-Gender’, that makes one so callous.
We really need to go beyond & ahead the word ‘Gender’ and be a part of the society that is free of biases.

I would rather end on a question- “What if it was ‘Your Friend’ or ‘Your Sister’ or ‘Your Valentine’ rather than the departed breached body”?

Ever pondered- If time froze, all still, a moment where nothing moves not even a detached browning leaf, the pause will be unbearable? 

When most of us believe in fast moving life, time freeze, pause and related terms become rather sleazy to perceive.
But time did freeze, not for a moment but all for 6 minutes to the clock's tick.
2013 January the 11th; would rather be marked a big day in Indian history.
The Capital a.k.a Delhi witnessed the biggest 'Freeze Mob' against Acid Attacks on women,
more than 70 students from University of Delhi and different other colleges Froze,
wearing a Yellow Ribbon on their left arm and Black Shades, stuck to their place & position, all for 6 'countless' minutes.

The event took place at Connaught Place, near Palika Bazar.
As the clock ticked 4, the sound of whistles were loud and clear till Block A, just about the same time people froze to their spot.
The event was organised by the former DU students Sakshi Kumar and Tamanna Sharma,
and current students Pallavi Dhameja, Aarushi chauhan, Reena Rai & Sakshi Chopra under guidance of
Mr. Abhay Chawla, a respected & loved Professor and amazing mentor rather.

As we gathered around the place working with the placards and posters, ribbons and slogans, a mass of people got really interested, if it was yet another protest for Nirbhaya.
But sadly all I heard in their question was mockery, what I saw in their eyes was weird glint of sarcasm. People did fail to understand the seriousness of the act, I wouldn't dare to deny many among us willingly, understanding the importance of the 'Freeze' joined hand with us.
The 'freeze' was one of a kind way to seek attention of the lousy government to the barbaric act of acid attacks on women, which certainly has not ceased with time.
People walked by staring at us with amazement, amusement, mockery, pride and certain mixed bag of emotions.
There were many who really appreciated the idea and many who found it another addition to their waste of time list.
Astound I stood, froze as I was, people pushed me as they hurriedly walked to their destination,
people saw reason and with all dignity and respect appreciated and moved away.
I might not say it was the time-changer movement but yes strong enough to start with changing mind-set.

What if a woman is attacked by acid and lost her beauty on face value? But how does one define beauty? Being beautiful comes with beautiful thoughts, imagination and behavior  It is matter of time that the prettiness of ones face fades. But pretty words, thoughts and action remain. Is that so hard for a human with average brains to understand, is it?
It is so easy to plaster your eyes or your words to someone who suffered, be in their shoes once people and then talk!

We weren't standing there freezed for nothing with yellow ribbon on our left arm or the shades that adorned our eyes. We had a valid reason of Government not waking up and implementing sensible line of rules and regulations and justice for that matter.
The yellow ribbon depicted the heat, the burn, the pain a woman goes through while humiliated with such boorish act, the black shades described the blindness.

Archana Kumari, 23; the acid attack victim was there to support us and our cause.
The girl might have been in pain of it all but never did she seem to have lost hope.
I in person was not supporting it all to sympathize but to stand strong beside women alike me who have dreams and aspirations from life. 
The motto behind it all was loud and clear- Acid Attack is no less than Rape.
People involved in such heinous act, do it for once and for all, never once giving it two cents as to what her life might become, the moment the blasphemy her life is hit with, it might just take seconds rather, but the pause, the freeze she goes through cannot be phrased in words.
Every women is beautiful in herself, that was so evident when I met with Archana. Her face might be  grotesque but her confidence spoke with volume so high, I couldn't help but feel the joy of being a women. With womanhood comes the strength, I felt it with all my heart.

Such barbaric actions so as men involve themselves in, I find it a deep mental disease they suffer from. The pseudo believes that are happily fed to their antagonistic ego since their childhood deeply defines their doings. What world do we line in? What times are we surviving?
Is it the same place of which Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel or Lal Bahadur Shastri would have proudly bragged about? Is it the same place Bhagat Singh would have had joyfully lost his life for?
Confused, one must be as to why in name of God am I jotting about these Martyrs?
Isn't it crystal clear, if India was such as it is now, they would have died thousand deaths and still won't relent.

To top it up, the so called leaders, the worshiped gurus have audacity to fill in more filth with their thought process than we're already suffering.
I believe why to just blame them, we the people are no less sarcastic jokers than them.
While I stood frozen to my spot, I clearly heard a group of women giggling and mocking. I pity them, and their carefree approach. It was a girl like you who suffered acid attack, at the age of 19 just because she happened to say NO to a man.
Do you even realize what that means? It was her that day, you were giggling freely for you happen to be protected by your luck, for to say the city I completely will be wrong, was it not just a month back, that an innocent girl was brutally ravished of her sanctity? The infamous Delhi Gang Rape!
We weren't performing a high class drama or stand-up comedy people. It was a serious social issue that needed to get some real spot-light.
Why? is all what I have in my mind, why is it the moment we actually start banking on the people who claim to protect us are the ones to kill our faith?
Why, I dare to ask, that no justice prevails for crime against women, be it any?
Why is a man lose free of his shameful doings? Why is it always a woman who is at fault?
Why? Why? Why?
there is certainly no end to my Why? and their is no end to the silent mode that they happen to take every time.
Whether women or men, who have rather high notions about their thoughts of gender equality,
let me have my say about it. Gender equality is not telling a girl or a women that she is not allowed to do certain somethings just for she happens to be a girl.
It is not in her household domestication, or to tell her she needs to learn certain things for she will be a fine woman one day and will have to get married.
It is not in staring at her cleavage shamelessly, or rubbing your manly-mess against her back in a public transport, it is not in telling her what to do and what not to do when travelling alone, because she might get hit with a drunk or senseless roue human who will deprive her of her sanity.
It is not in getting her married at the age of 18 for she will be SAFE, for she is legally raped most of the times. It is not in killing her before she even open her eyes to this world.
Amazed I am of the confidence such people portray in being too straight with such sick mindset.
Just because I happen to be a woman not by choice but by a very beautiful destiny,
I refuse to accept your dying mentality. 
I refuse to be dominated or domesticated.
I refuse to accept anything which degrades, disrespects or dehumanizes my femininity.
I happen to live and born flesh of human and accept nothing below the rights that I am destined to enjoy as human. The liberty that tags along with my birth to live with my responsibilities and duties towards the state and demanding same in return.
And if men or women for that matter have really really forgotten, then let me remind you, it is also and more because of a women that you exist and have that big enough mouth to insult her womanhood.

As we women suffer, women are more to be blamed, as to why on first place treat being like your own as some filth?
Why prefer son over daughter to degrees that you kill her before she is born?
Why burn alive your daughter-in-law for material wealth?
Why praise your son, friend, brother of their shameful acts?

Wake up, wake up because your medicine will certainly give the most bitter taste, that you happen to lodge onto others alike you.

I'd validict on a heavy note-
Alas! we're yet chained in pseudo social mechanism, the autocracy of Patriarchy and male dominated society. It is high time that we keep ourselves bounded by such senseless believes and practices.
We are woman and we can't be some for granted conclusion for the sole reason of our biological structure. We are human not just Second Sex.
I would like to quote Anthony Susan B. in my words-
Let men enjoy their right and no more. Let women rightly have their rights and no less, with dignity and respect!
Feminism more than a movement is seen as a derogatory term. People often confuse being feminist with being anti male or being sexist or radicals rather. Feminism is certainly not about being anti men, though.
Its not about men anyway. It's about the society being so shallow, diluting the social construct of gender.

Feminists talk about obliterating all those ideas dividing humans into male and female, deciding their space- inner or outer. Feminism asks for claims rather, on the rights that the so called weaker section has been denied due to the male dominant ideas of the society. We dont take pleasure in insulting men but certainly demand for preacing and pardoning two cents to those so called "significant ones" induldging in discriminatory practices. Do not wrong our demands for equality with hate speech or behaviour towards men per say. Feminists are not asking men to happily give way to a girl is walking down the road but certainly want men to own a view full of equality and without any sexist remark.

We are not asking for gestures so love filled as on face value of pulling a chair or opening the door but for sure a gesture where men values females for what they are capable of. We want to end the practice of men playing God and a perfectionist. Women are not weak but demands special treatment for the fact of who they are genetically. The whole idea of feminism is to end the sexes double standard, internalisation of male dominant ideas and sexist attitude. To bring two uneven plains together there need be an upliftment. Similarly to start a life embarked with equality, the starting place must be the same and that is what contemporary Feminists aim at.                                                           

For all the women out there who think its bad to be called a feminist since it tags you being anti-men or sexist, it shuld be concluded thus, the way of percieving this idea is false. A lot of Feminists vs Chauvanist discussions proceeds today and have had for centuries down the line with no friutful result-validicting line, there isnt any conflict between the sexes, just the mindset. People should stop mixing it  as a clan fighting against the other, its for the greater good to all. If we live in a society that functions on the basis of equality, better it would be to live.

Morever talking about equalitarians- we are people who want to bring every section of society to the same high and delete the distinctions among them, making them nothing but humans juged on who they are. Feminists identify themselves as equalitarins since we claim on something which is rightfully our's and not men. It is to end the powerplay which has continued for so long and still persists, there is urgent need to see everyone under the samw light of equality and not with the prejudices embibed to the sexes.

We do talk about overthrowing the male dominance and identify ourselves as an equal in the society to efface the deep rooted internalistaion that occupies most of the conventional female minds. We seek women to gain the agency, to end the power games in a family, to enjoy every right they deserve.

No feminist wishes to dehumanize men by any degree of action. We're just Pro-Women.

A flow as it all starts winding ways, the trails.
I haven't been walking alone,  the memories walk beside.
Somewhere it would come to an end, the pain- Empty Hollow of my deeds in
the past.
Naive I have been yes, not yet wrong
Standing there looking for an answer won't get me through no.
Waiting there, infinity it becomes- I'm numb not feeling.
Perfection I won't demandjust some sanity.
It never stops, the ache goeson like thousand shards of glass piercing my heart.

There I lay healing to something to something disgusting. Aura impured- The
Vendetta it is doing the right.
What it is converting to a blasphemy- doubt, hate & desparity.
Nothing just the last time, the last fight of hollow words, hurting it would be.
I won'tstand before anyone begging to be fair, it'd come to me gradually.

Not tired, not defeated, not shattered strong enough I will be.
Night falls, grey spreading it's wings. It's a downpour of moment.
High the time goes, just me no calls, no nothing at all.
Gone lost- Falling deep, no more before your eyes.
I'd vanish like a poof- No more burden for you to carry Father.
No more would you say "Ah! It's a Daughter."

'There was a rope like structure jutting out of her body, probably her intestine.'

Sunday, the 16th of December 2012 would rather be marked the Black Day in Indian history, the night was stained and petrified with blood curdling, heart wrenching shrieks and howls of an innocent 23 year old girl, who probably didn't knew Doom was just inches away from her, ready to eat her alive. A fool she was to think boarding a Bus, so called public transport, was safe enough to happily escort her to her haven and, like so many other women, she was wrong. Her belief was killed not once, not twice but six times. Her body, her soul was looted brutally of its purity.

Those bastards not only ravaged her feminism, they crippled her entire psyche, every value that she stood for, every word that her world survived for 23 years of her existence. How wrong were those animals to think they'd survive such heinous act? She goes strong, yes she lives; lives to witness those animals dying, dying every minute they survive and begging yet for death to come.

How easy it is to burden someone else of your own dead thinking. Yes the Government is wrong; the Police, a bunch of stupid hoard never bothering with their duty; but what are we- Super Heroes? What a heroic act was it to leave two naked and humiliated, hurting and freezing to near death humans, uncovered? Not a single piece of cloth, not a hand to help, not a single tear shed for whole of an hour, and we call ourselves literates?  SHAME INDIA!

Being a girl I'm numb, shocked, scared and shaken to the very core of my nerves. It was her that night, it might be you, me, or someone dear to us tomorrow, and what would we do then? Another mass movement, another public act and it will lead to what? Four thousand more rape cases around India and nothing happening.

Oh, yes together we stand today, even after 6 days after the shameful act, bearing the laathi charges, water cannons, tear gas and what not to save the pride of the heroic girl and every other woman in India. Does that really help?

Wake up India- High time. Wake up and vote! Vote for the right people and right cause, not for some promised amount of money or bloody gadgets or sugar-coated words of promise. It'd all be affordable with your own money, with right and sane people adorning the Parliament. False promises so made and chosen will eat our pride; rob us of our own sanity. Rapes would be their second nature. It won't cease- the hue and cries, until we wake up, wake up for the right cause and right people.

Every time Rape is reported, there would one of those moral police, some so called minister or one of our family member singing the same old story- "Girls mustn't wear provocative dresses.", "They must not walk on roads alone during night."

We still are a bunch of learned illiterates. It's not us who needs to change but the pseudo men mentality.

We might be fourth largest with the Armed Forces or whatever but even today, we stand nowhere when it comes to law, crime control and women protection. Of course, how is it possible when the one sitting there to protect us, are the ones on top of the list to commit such animalistic acts. The oath, the promises, the badges, goes all in vain.

A day before, funny it felt to see one of the political parties from DU supporting the cause.  Supposedly suffering temporary memory loss, for it wasn't that I remember just few months ago, a girl was publicly molested while one of their rallies took place? I don't question their support but the hideous people their group constitutes of!

A women today is safe nowhere. It's not our clothes or looks that'd change the situation, but revamping of the sick-chauvinistic-mentality.

Why a 10 year old girl in Kanpur was sickeningly ravished of her virginity? She wasn't provocating anything out of her innocent school uniform. She died, the accused still lives? What about the married women raped in front of her in-laws, she was clad in a so called perfect-Indian-attire Saree. What provocation a married woman might have demanded? When a 2 year old girl is raped by her own Father what provocative limits she must have crossed?

It's probably the word‘sex’ being treated a taboo in India that leads to all what's shameful and unworthy of acceptance. There is no need to shallow-worship Goddess Durga or Lakshmi. Rather respect the living flesh and bones of a ‘woman’.

WE ARE NOT YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY. We can't be some for-granted conclusion for the sole reason of having a Vagina.

Let me remind all of us once again- It's more because of a ‘women’ that we exist! Let men enjoy their rights and ‘no more’. Let women have their rights and ‘no less’.

Our Vengeance for Vendetta isn’t any entailment of violent act but violent words. A pen has always been mightier than a sword and it would be the same ‘sans justice’.

The Delhi University Students Union seems to have resorted to low-lying methods for increasing their vote bank collection. The organisation set up with the sole purpose of helping the students and providing them with a ‘comfortable’ environment, seem to have abandoned girls of the university from the ‘student’ category . Are we still the child producing machine to our fellow university mates? Well it looks so, a girl from ip college for women was molested outside the arts faculty during a rally show for dusu . The girl, was in a rickshaw stuck in traffic due to the rally, when a group of boys herded and groped her.

The matter was immediately reported to the college authorities. The university procter was immediately contacted for the same. In the convention held by the university vc, dinesh singh the matter was brought up. The VC said he was extremely ashamed. The president of ip college for women, Mansha was backed by all other colleges when she said “even dogs react to a situation like this, but your cops didn’t.” Referring to the unresponsive nature and inaction of the cops who were present at the scene but didn’t even crawl an inch to do anything. The VC in response was more like calming down the heated issue, saying that he will look into the matter personally, promising to check the duty postings himself and take strict action against them.

During the convention, the vc said they have already set up an inquiry to look into the matter and also will ban the rallies. The ban on the rallies came into immediate effect with national news channels declaring the vc’s ban.

Earlier in the day on saturday, a lot of security was placed outside ip college for women but the cops or the pcr van was nowhere to be seen post 1pm.

The principal supported her students and openly fought for them. If sources are to be believed the principal of the college will have a meeting with the DCP of north to discuss the security.

This incident has again proved the insensitivity of indian people who refused to help the girl. If you are a woman and studying in the renowned world of delhi university, do carry a pepper spray/deodorant for own safety for no one will come to your rescue in this highly insensitive country.

Also as the news of the ban spread all over the university, the abvp and the nsui called the ban ‘undemocratic’ but what would they call these daily molestation? An act to be awarded the paramveer chakra ?

The ABVP despite the ban carried out a rally two days later in the north campus for ‘women’s security’ or rather carried out their planned rally under the pretext of ‘women’s security’?

We hope this ban won’t be lifted citing political pressure and the dcp will take the necessary actions against the cops found guilty.

About the girl who was molested, having met her she has put up a brave front and is acting all normal, not panicking at all. She is not fighting for herself but what about the rest of us girls? It could have been any one of us there or somewhere else.

We salute the girl for he resilience and hope the ban won’t be lifted, a ban cannot bring in all the change yet it’d be further insult to the girl if it does.

To every single woman out there we’re not an sex object that men toy with! We’re human who happen to belong and stand high in the same society where they stand because of us woman. Take pride in being a woman, know & fight for your rights.