It was the 3rd Annual United Nations Young Chnagemakers Conclave, 2013, the 
UE team got a chance catching up with the 'Young Cricket Sensation' a.k.a Unmukt Chand, who is proudly a part of St. Stephens College, DU.
All we can say is, the man is full of passion about his dream and for his country, also he dearly believes India would be a better place with educational revamping. The young man rather than jumping on Cloud 9, has his head sanely held high, for the right reasons. And to many of you, who just know him as a star would be happy to know, he's just a normal guy. Happy knowing him some more people! 

Radhika: Hey would you mind answering some questions?
Unmukt: Not at all, shoot!

Radhika: So as you flowed in about so much, the institutional revamping, the change in medieval mindset. How do you feel about the recent hue and cry in the society?
Unmukt: Very disappointed. I am ashamed as a youth and want to actively participate for any such cause. Sadly I wasn't able to be a part of the protests, but I would do everything in power to not let go any opportunity to stand up for the right reasons and social uprising, in future.

Radhika: What do you think would make the change happen?
Unmukt: The change in mindset is must. If people are not willing to change, things would not happen with a swish of a wand.

Radhika: You do accept, it's the basic level where we'll have to start. Don't you?
Unmukt: Exactly that's what it is, we just can't jump to the advance level and expect basics would accomplish. It's opposite rather, start with A and B would get better! [Bingo! Dude ;)]

Radhika: Okay, enough of heavy stuff, lets talk about the lighter aspects. How do you like all the
attention that you receive, from girls especially?
Unmukt (Laughing): It's paced down you see, but it does feel great. More than attention, there's the sense of pride I feel. It's great to see my parents smiling more than me.

Radhika: Being a DU'ite yourself, do you feel comfortable with the 'Semester System'?
Unmukt: I've never exactly been on the same page with the 'Semester System'.
When it's the peak time to study for the examinations, I'm busy with 'Premiere Leagues'. Also I remember the hay-wired situation for Sem-I, it was more like a nightmare. I expect a li'l better for myself and students alike, involved in the extra-curricular for the 'Country', especially. My friends are okay with the semesters, though.

Radhika: How do you manage everything, juggling with the studies & practicing for upcoming
matches together, especially when you talk about the peak time i.e March-April/October-November?
Unmukt: Well it's not exactly easy but friends help a lot. Studying with them makes it much better.
They keep me informed about the tiniest of events.

Radhika: Great experience talking to you Unmukt, so what would be your valedictory message for the varsity people?
Unmukt: Same here guys. All I would say is, believe in yourself and do what you're head-over-heels about. Passion for 'Music' & 'Guitar' and studying some random 'Honors' course doesn't exactly helps! :)

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