Ever heard yourself wonder if what you're doing is good enough or not, right or not, is this more me or not? Do you end up believing what others say to you about the person they think you are and what you can or cannot do?

If you answered Yes to any of the questions above, you're a victim of self doubt.

This is dangerous mostly to you not others. This feeling of questioning yourself and being perplexed constantly not just by your own questions but by others questioning you further is like a gradual course of poison in your mental system which gradually creeps into your behavior.

You will always have a question mark on your face and people will wonder why?

Look at this right now : ?

Don't you feel the urge to question that very question mark above? That's how people will feel seeing the question mark on your face. The minute you decide, whether for good or bad, you make a choice and it
shows on your face and through your very actions.

We chase after things we think exist but which don't, we believe in something with such conviction that it seems almost impossible to believe in things otherwise. Life will question you enough anyway in the circumstances it presents to you, why add on to those questions?

The anxiety of not knowing what to do when or how has perplexed every human that has come upon this Earth, but as they say learn to deal with things or situations as they come to you and not worry yourself too much with 'What if's ' ?

I'll show you an example of my What if story?

What if I end up choosing the wrong career, making the wrong friends and getting into trouble? What if I end up being someone I don't want to be? What if I hurt people around me? What if I grow old and sick and have no one to look after me?

That's usually how it goes in all the self doubtful people's minds. I could go on but I think you get the point. The truth of the matter is no matter how much we plan or dream of a future, it never turns out the way we picture it. We try to control certain things which we think we are in control of yet do not realize that by questioning even those things we question our growth and what's alive inside us right now.

So, here's a thought, the English language has other punctuation marks which can be of great interest to you, like a , (comma) or a full stop . or even exclamation marks ! to spice up those boring days.

Imagine having read all your stories or texts as a child till now in question marks, how annoying would that be.

So rid yourself of things you don't know yet and don't even need to know yet and work your way through with the right now and the near about future which is just enough to keep your mind full.

Until then ?

Sorry, wrong punctuation.

Until next time. 

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