This column began with the promise of delving deep into your consciousness. We gradually covered your day to day problems, once in a while though there comes a time when you need to take yourself a little more seriously.

Most of us go through problems and know for a fact that they'll be a part of our life always, so the key lies not in solving one and moving on to the next, like in levels of a game, because real life doesn't work that way. 

What then is the answer ?

The key to yourself lies in growth which will naturally take place as it has to but more than that we tend to skip or ignore or become oblivious to the constant self dialogue going on in our heads, as if a parallel world plays in our heads day in and day out.
I dedicate this article today as a beginning to resourcefulness, which is basically doing the best you can with what you have, where you are, in the present. 

I honestly feel every human's journey is incomplete without 'introspection', somewhere down the line. The dialogue we have going on in our heads, that's our way of talking to ourselves, trying to make sense of things and act in accordance. We never stop to realize what materializes around us, is a result of that dialogue. Isn't it better to stop once in a while and actually talk to yourself and figure out what exactly is happening around there then?

Some philosophers, poets and learned say we carry within us a world. They're right, we carry our lens of seeing the world and people around us and our perspective on all that surrounds us and makes us the product of exactly where we are. So as much as you feel you have no control over things around you, you actually do. Take our time for yourself during the day where you don't need technology or people around you for a while, and stop to be with yourself.

Hear the dialogue in your mind and wonder, think about your day every day and begin to notice and observe things you've passed by unseen, things you've heard and passed off, what you've felt and not understood. It isn't necessary to be an introvert to do any of this, as is often misunderstood. Whether you're on your way to college or home, listening to music, taking a shower, whatever works for you, all you need to do is be aware of everything you are and are made of. Look at yourself in the mirror eye to eye, and begin to realize what you are on the outside and now on the inside too because most often what we can't see with the eye, we can see from our heart, a cliche which will always stand true in the roughest, brightest and all of the times in between. 

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