"No guilt is forgotten so long as the conscience still knows of it.” 
― Stefan Zweig
More often than not, all of us have gone on a guilt trip of our own. Its this vacation which comes every now and then which surprises you out of nowhere and then you start saying things like " Its all my fault.,
Why God, why me? , I wish I didn't do that, If only I could go back in time and..." 
It so happens that somehow going on with our life we forget to pause and see what we're really doing or saying and don't realize how we end up being someone we think we're really not. 

This becomes a battle of the should's." I should have done something at that time but I couldn't." 

Guilt often stems from lack of action but honestly it comes out of lack of intention. We feel a lot of things and its sad but sometimes we need to see things tangibly go wrong on the outside to figure out where we're going wrong on the inside. 

Even so, no one likes going on these guilt trips where we've set standards for ourselves to feel right or wrong and control ourselves to feel more sane or make sense of our actions and feelings. 

We becomes these messed up souls with no idea about how this happened to us and what we did wrong and how to fix it. We lose ourselves on this path of self destruction. Now even though guilt can sometimes be a useless reaction, more often than not its an inside signal telling you something's gone wrong with your emotional system.

Its more of a wake up call to remind you that no matter how much you believe things can't or won't change, you're capable of a lot and you can help yourself even if you don't know how. Guilt can be used as a tool to rise from all that's made you fall and become one step closer to the real you. Its never the people who're good or bad, but situations which mould you a certain way. Guilt, I believe is the protective defense which can mould your inner environment to deal with your outer environment.

So what I really am trying to say I believe is guilt makes you feel like shit, it makes you go to an all together new low for a lot of things you could have been and you'd like them to be, feel all of it, but don't hold on to it for too long, use it for what it is, the red signal which made you stop to seek the yellow to think of your next possible action to fix it and the green when you're good to go. :)

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