Hey guys :)

We start 2013 with a little surprise for you. Here's bringing to you a column reaching out to your consciousness, a place where we share all that we feel helps you feel whole and enjoy the little somethings of everyday life. We also hope to have a very interactive place to talk, discuss and share all of
what makes us feel.

Try and remember what it felt like to start new beginnings. Whether you're in your first year or second or third, its still never too late to start afresh.

Have you made that little effort to go beyond the normal? Talk to people and surprise yourself because it isn't all that meets the eye here.

Discover each other, grow , learn and make things happen because it's your world out there.

We hope amongst other things since old things go, and change isn't always comfortable or easy we help you allow the new to make its way through and give it our own twist.

It's us, you and all of us together walking at pace with each other, not a step more, not a step less.

We look forward to hearing from you often and you're always welcome to put forward your suggestions, improvisations, criticisms, questions and just about anything.

Aakriti Astha, currently pursuing Psychology Honors, in her final year, Kamala Nehru College, 20 years old, believes that everyone has a voice and a need to share his/her feelings. She is extremely passionate about helping out those in need and also loves to write!

Ridhi Murari currently also pursuing Psychology hons., final year, Kamala Nehru College, 20 years old, fond of writing and creating a dent in the world around look forward to hear from you and what you're all about.

Hop on aboard and Cheers !

Happy New Year.

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    Young ladies duo from Psychology Department of Kamala Nehru College
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