Hi guys, now mostly all problems here are anonymous but today I'd like to share a problem of my own and what happened throughout till the very end.

I am part of an all girls college where friction becomes inevitable after a while. There's hormones flying everywhere and ego clashes and the works. In the midst of everyday life, somewhere creeps up this thing called disagreement and slowly and steadily it comes down to my way or the highway. It can happen with one person or two or many as was my case. Psychology states that frustration is blocking of one's goals, well when your path to do anything gets obstructed so often I think it reaches an altogether different level.We all have different ways of dealing with it and I wish I were a monk who could permanently chill in the Himalayas but modernized, messed up society it is !
Anyway getting back to where I was, I kept passively blowing up a volcano inside my head and knew it would erupt on someone one of those days and then I'd go on a guilt trip for hurting them but I suddenly stopped and questioned what it really was that was getting me so worked up.

It wasn't about people not listening to me or not having my way, suddenly I came across this quote which said ' Where attention goes, energy flows' . I realized what's done is done and what will be done is still in my hands. Letting go of emotions is not easy especially anger but the minute you work a way of becoming assertive and powerful and doing the obvious which is not clear while you're feeling the emotion in all its intensity. You might not realize it while you're in that mood but the minute you snap out of it your path materializes and you get to deal with the shittiest of situations and the worst of people and as they say when life throws lemons, you make lemonade and refresh that steamed up mind of yours.

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