" To be frank with you, there's no problem as such but I always tend to delay work. I'm having a perfectly normal social life and college is going by pretty well to except by the time I realize how much I have to do I am in no mood to do it and it just keeps adding up. I'm sick of this happening every time. This has to stop but how ? "
To be frank, your problem is so common yet majority of us go through it without pausing to fix it. It's the Procrastination fix.

I get that you're content with the pace of things in your life and that is pretty good in itself, so let's cross the minor speed breaker in your path.

We often hear about work that needs to be done and figure we'll do it later and there's no rush and just in the blink of an eye we don't realize when that 1 assignment turns into 2, 3 or more and let's face it most of us phobic of math hate it when the numbers go up, giving us all the more reason to 'let go' .

Letting go is the solution to most emotional conflicts of the highest order but not this not so emotional one.

First of, if you spend even so much as an hour and begin, since the beginning is the toughest part. Start by writing the topic, your name, subject, essential details, look at the paper there, write a page and once you get in the flow it gets rolling.

Make a list of all that is left, begin with the toughest so that your worst nightmare gets away with at once and the rest come to you easy.

If you're a music person, plug in those earphones and go at it, if you're a dance person, do your routine then do a bit, do more, do the other bit, if you're a social person, do it in a group, now I know that is quite an impossible task but stay trapped in one room or one place for a long time, stock up your food and drink supplies and delegate each bit to each one and before you know it, it'll be done.

If you're more of an introvert, sit in a nice coffee shop, sip your favorite coffee,use their wifi or books or whatever you need and call a friend in between when you're bored. You get to meet, eat and finish off that nasty bit of work and that my friend will cease to create bumps on your road to contentment. 

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