" I have a friend who's always had her way and dominated me all throughout the smallest of things. She says something and I just can't refuse but in the end I don't like it. What do you suggest I do? "
So essentially thus begins the problem of being dominated by another. I understand at times one goes through a phase where its much easier to just comply than argue or confront but when it goes on for longer periods of time it reaches a stage where it becomes frustrating.

It becomes an obstruction to your own path, to your own growth and development and for your own good you need to weed it out before it becomes toxic to you.

Now that the problem is clear, it becomes easier to work towards a solution. Begin by gradually maintaining a distance from this person and start in your mind by maintaining a psychological distance. Most often it so happens that we construct a far worse picture adding our emotional interpretation to things than what is actually there.

Gradually once you begin to do this, you'll see the changes manifest physically. Talk to the friend as normally as you'd talk to the other person but keep in mind the physical and mental distance you need to keep yourself emotionally stable and free of mental clutter. 

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